More and more Sydney commuters are taking Uber now since December 2015 the NSW government gave Uber (UberX) the green light. It certainly makes taxi operators and taxi drivers unhappy. One of the main complains is that taxis cost much more than driving UberX because of the heavy regulations.

The fireworks of Sydney New Year Eve 2016 will reflect the soundtrack, and that "spectacular" fireworks will shower from the harbour bridge, rain from barges and will explode in a "space odyssey" above the city.

More than 1000 extra trains and 3500 extra buses will run making public transport the best way to get around on the night.

Ferries will stop running from 5.35pm and will restart at 1am but revellers are advised to have a back-up train or bus travel plan.

The Best Places to Watch the Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year’s Eve Fireworks is Sydney’s largest public event. This famous, last night of the year is seen by more than a million people who will make their way and be gathered on Sydney’s foreshore. On this massive event you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the crowds as there are many options around the Sydney harbour and surrounding suburbs for you to experience.

Sydney rail commuters were stuck on broken-down trains in tunnels for more than an hour after overhead wire damage between Town Hall and Wynyard stations during peak hour yesterday.

This damage caused power issues, has stopped all trains travelling away from the city between Central and North Sydney on the T1 North Shore and Northern lines since 5.30pm.

Commuters were safely evacuated from these trains, but they had to walk through tunnels back to their nearest station.