More and more Sydney commuters are taking Uber now since December 2015 the NSW government gave Uber (UberX) the green light. It certainly makes taxi operators and taxi drivers unhappy. One of the main complains is that taxis cost much more than driving UberX because of the heavy regulations.

So what are the differences to be UberX and to be taxi and taxi driver?

One of the differences between UberX and taxi is lightly regulated and heavily regulated. The traditional taxi industry has to follow a lot of regulations and rules, such as every taxi has to have a special taxi plate and equipped by camera, satellite tracking system, payment system, and so on. Taxi drivers must take a training course and pass some regulation and road knowledge tests. Taxi driver must have a taxi driver authority card. They also have to pass a certain health check.

UberX cars have no any of requirements mentioned above for taxis, UberX car just needs to be less 6 years old, 4 doors and is insured. To be a UberX driver is also quite simple and easy, no any tests required, just take your car and pass criminal and safety checks.

To be a taxi and to be a taxi driver costs much much more than to be a UberX car and to be a UberX driver! Taxis and taxi drivers are frequently stopped by police or NSW transport inspectors randomly checking, has this ever happened on Uber?

Taxi and UberX are doing exactly the same business, but why one is heavily regulated and another is not? Does it mean that taxi industry should reduce a lot of regulations or should add more regulations on UberX?

UberX is more popular now in Sydney because it provides good service and cheaper fares, why does the taxi industry not do this? If heavy regulations have be reduced, will taxis be attracted back? What some real reasons that taxi can't provide service and price like Uber?

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