Sydney Airport has introduced new arrangements for motorists picking up at the T3/T2 Domestic.

Since the new arrangements starting from 13 September 2016, Priority Pick-up Zone and Express Pick-up Zone are two of the easiest to be confused with in the new passenger pick-up zones. Names and locations of these two pick-up zones are confusing some people who have both just arrived and were picking up someone.

What are the differences between the Priority Pick-up Zone and the Express Pick-up Zone?

1. Priority pick-up zone is $4 for first 15 minutes; Express pick-up zone is free for first 15 minutes.

2. Priority Pick-up has a green sign. Express Pick-up has a yellow sign.

3. Express pick-up zone has been moved to P3 (car park). It’s around 8 minutes walk from the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals. The old Express pick-up zone now has become the new Priority pick-up zone. It’s around 4.5 minutes walk from the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals to the Priority pick-up zone.

If you are picking up someone at the Express Pick-up, you have to drive to the P3 car park. P3 is located just before going up to T2/T3 departures, and you need to stay in the right lane so then you will see an “Express Pick-up” yellow sign, and you turn right into the street then drive into P3.


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